Students Represent Eastern at Northeast Regional Honors Conference

Three students conducted formal thesis presentations in Niagara Falls, NY April 3rd to the 6th at the Northeast Regional Honors Conference.  Students were accompanied by William Salka, Ph.D.

Katherine Buyse, Senior Honors Scholar, History and Accounting
“Muscular Evangelism: At the Crossroads of Sports, American Fundamentalism and Media, 1891-2011.”

Molly Gosselin, Senior Honors Scholar, English
“Is This Real Life? Exploring Grief, Dreams and Reality in a Young Adult Novella.”

Zachary Marotte, Senior Honors Scholar, History
“The Persistence of the Ancients: The English Army’s Boundary to the Adoption of Modern Military Theory, 1660-1728.”

Seven students presented posters based on their honors theses. Below are their names and titles of the presentations:

Alexandra Cross, Sophomore Honors Scholar, Political Science
“The Hellenic Representation of Art.”

Patrick Boyne, Junior Honors Scholar, Communication
“Interesting the Uninterested and Informing the Uninformed in “22 Minutes.”

Richard Magner, Junior Honors Scholar, Mathematics
“Ordinary Lines and Modular Hyperbolas.”

Megan Velasquez, Sophomore Honors Scholar, English
“Queer Readings of Literary Fiction.”

Samuel Underhill, Junior Honors Scholar, Computer Science
“Implementation of Algorithms Across Various Computational Mechanisms.”

Brooke Baldwin, Junior Honors Scholar, English
“Writing the School Story in a Dynamic Education System.”

Kelsey Tuller, Junior Honors Scholar, History
“The Forgotten Town: Gay City Connecticut.”