Concert Chorale to Perform at Carnegie Hall

The Eastern Concert Chorale have been invited to perform composer John Rutter’s “Requiem” on Monday March 17th at world famous Carnegie Hall as part of a concert series sponsored by Mid-America Productions in New York City. This is the culmination of a 2 month rehearsal process at not only Eastern Connecticut State University but at also a 4 day residency with choirs from Arizona, California, Connecticut and Kentucky. The following students will be performing: Devannie Cesar, Emily Chubet, Conner Cummings, Mindy DeDominicis, Talia Erris,  Andrew Faria, Kyle Girard, Tyler Hinde, Alexis Kurtz, Jordan LaRusso, Tom Law, Moriah Perrett, Josh Perry, Judy Reid, Zach Rice, Ally Rollins, Erik Russell-Shepherd, Cecile St. Jean, Renae St. John,  Thomas Wazny, Matthew White, and Mikayla Zagata.