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Are you interested in talking with a professor about a topic of mutual interest? Eastern has over 400 faculty with various areas of expertise and are interested in talking with you about topics that may interest you. Consider sending an e-mail to one of the faculty listed below and begin a dialogue centered around a topic of mutual interest.

Faculty Member

Areas of Interest


Phone number

Dr. Peter BachiochiPsychology, Diversity Management, 465-4551
Prof. Ellen 465-5122
Dr. Wayne F. BuckBusiness Strategy, Management, Operations, Entrepreneurship & Startup, Growth Strategies, Risk Management, Financial Management, Business 465-5264
Dr. Miriam ChiricoProfessional 465-0233
Dr. Alex CitursBusiness Information Systems & 465-0077
Dr. Elizabeth CowlesBiochemistry, Cell Biology, 465-4385
Dr. Jeanelle DayEducation, Science 465-4532
Prof. Russell DexterSmall Business, Strategic Planning, Marketing Planning, Process 465-5265
Dr. Kimberly DuganSexualities and Gender, Social Movements, Collective 465-4629
Prof. Lin EastBusiness, Marketing, Resume Preparationeastl@easternct.edu203-877-7096
Dr. Gail GelburdArt, Art 465-0195
Prof. Susan HeywardPersonal/Employment Enhancement 465-4302
Dr. Peter JohnsonTeaching/Learning Mathematics, 465-5511
Prof. Gregory KaneKinesiology, Sport, 465-5175
Dr. Mary KennyAnthropology, Public 465-0192
Dr. Ross KoningPlants, 933-2712
Dr. Lyndsey Lanagan-LeitzelPsychology, Attention, Memory, Surveillance & Search (lifeguarding), Autism, 465-5065
Dr. Brian LashleyEastern's Economic 465-4482
Dr. Jennifer LeszczynskiGender and Women's Issues, Development from Infancy to Older 465-0150
Dr. William LugoCrime, Underage Drinking, Video 465-0163
Dr. Denise MatthewsMedia Production Especially Video, Children and 465-0370
Prof. Kristi 465-0406
Dr. Russell SampsonPhysical Sciences, Astronomy, Planetarium Shows, Public Star-Gazing Events, K-12 Teacher Training, School 465-0188
Dr. David StoloffEducational Technology, On-line Learning/Teaching, Comparative & International Education, World Religions, Peace Studies, Community/ University Collaborations, Recruiting Future Teachers, Grant Writing, Hiking, 465-5501
Dr. Nanette TummersStress Management, Health Education, 465-0061