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Acknowledgement Page
The Institute would like to thank ECSU Center for Instructional Technology for their assistance updating the Institute's web site.

ECSU Library Iimage:
Credit: Courtesy of Eastern Connecticut State University

Wind Turbines Image:
Credit: Institute for Sustainable Energy

Field and Clouds Image:
Credit: Gretz, Warren / Department of Energy
Assessing climate to improve solar design. Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse [EREC] Brochure ( NREL/BR-810-28419 , brochure, 2001) ( DOE/GO-102001-1171 )

Connecticut State Capitol Iimage: Courtesy of Eastern Connecticut State University

Solar Panel Image:
Credit: Parsons, David/ Department of Environment
Clean energy for the 21st century ( DOE/GO-10099-911 , December 1999)Clean energy choices: tips on buying and using renewable energy at home ( DOE/GO-102000-1012 , booklet, April 2000)