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At Green Schools’ Colleges and Universities section, you’ll find information on how to lower your college carbon footprint and environmental impact.  This can be achieved through our 12 Steps to Sustainability, as outlined throughout this site.  This plan was developed by the Institute for Sustainable Energy, an organization aimed at helping state facilities and schools reduce their energy usage and environmental impact through improved practices, upgraded technology, and increased awareness. 

The Institute:

  • supports regional, national and international climate change efforts by making facilities more energy efficient and environmentally friendly;

  • has initiated a project to research, identify and promote an effective approach to sustainability on college and university campuses in Connecticut;

  • provides leadership and resources to Connecticut schools interested in taking a comprehensive sustainability approach aimed at lowering their ecological footprint;

  • targets twelve areas of sustainable activity on campuses, including greenhouse gas reduction, water and wastewater management, improved recycling, hazardous materials, and materials procurement.
  • As part of the green campus initiative, several environmental projects are being piloted on Eastern Connecticut State University. In addition, ECSU is a signatory of the Talloires Declaration and has also received a campus ecology report card from the National Wildlife Federation. Information on the sustainability model that is being developed at ECSU is available on this website or by contacting the Institute for Sustainable Energy at (860) 465 - 0251 or e-mail ise@easternct.edu.

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