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Teaching and Research
Organizational Assistance When building a green school, planning is key. Relying on an integrated design process can help meet the budged, deadline, and environmental standards and regulations.

  • Building Design
    The best approach to building design relies upon a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach. The community and building committee meet with and share their vision with the design and building team. All of the construction team,  including landscapers, general contractors, civil engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, architects, and interior designers work together to make decisions based on a shared vision and a holistic understanding of the project. This follows the design through the entire project life, from pre-design through occupancy and into operation.
  • Integrated Design Process
    An integrated design process is the most cost-effective way to achieve a high performing building. It addresses issues early on avoiding missed opportunities for performance and economic gain. One benefit of the integrated design process includes providing a formal setting for decision makers to work together and discuss project goals. With an opportunity to work together, share issues, ideas, and concerns there is a less likely chance that during the construction process it will be found that something does not work. Other benefits include avoiding the need for redesign, producing more creative design solutions, and saving time and money from the beginning.
    Another key element in the integrated design process is having an independent commissioning agent who is looking out for the interests of the building committee. This commissioning agent interacts with the project from the first conversations to after occupancy. It is his or her charge to make sure the client is getting an appropriately designed and built building, and what they are paying for.

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