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Comprehensive Assessment & Report Part II
Environmental Resources and Energy Infrastructure of Long Island Sound




Appendix C: Environmental Resource Maps

Table of Contents

MAP C-1: Coastal Environment- Shoreline Types (PDF - 748 KB)
MAP C-2: Coastal Environment- Coastal Wetlands (PDF - 439 KB)
MAP C-3: Coastal Environment- General Flooding Classifications (PDF - 3,382 KB)
MAP C-4: Built Environment- Socioeconomic Resource Points (PDF - 490 KB)
MAP C-5: Marine Environment- Natural Reef Areas (PDF - 846 KB)
MAP C-6: Marine Environment- Bathymetry (PDF - 2,286 KB)
MAP C-7: Marine Environment- Invertebrate Species (PDF -1,298 KB)
MAP C-8: Marine Environment- Reptile Species (PDF - 975 KB)
MAP C-9: Marine Environment- Marine Mammals (PDF -1,406 KB)
MAP C-10: Marine Environment- Shellfish Beds (PDF - 969 KB)
MAP C-11: Coastal Environment- Eelgrass Beds (PDF - 357 KB)
MAP C-12: Marine Environment- Finfish (Vertebrate) biomass/tow density,1992-2002 (PDF - 833 KB)
MAP C-13: Marine environment- Active Lobster Fishing Areas (PDF - 836 KB)
MAP C-14: Marine Environment- Lobster Pot Densities (PDF - 877 KB)
MAP C-15: Coastal Environment- Rare, Threatened, and Endangered Plants (PDF - 448 KB)
MAP C-16: Coastal Environment- Sensitive Bird Habitat and Nesting Sites (PDF - 782 KB)
MAP C-17: Federal, State, Municipal and Private Open Space Properties (PDF - 666 KB)
MAP C-19: Marine Environment- Disposal Sites (PDF - 831 KB)
MAP C-20: Marine Environment- Surface Sediment Textures (PDF - 1,888 KB)
MAP C-21: Marine Environment- Thickness of Post Glacial Sediments (PDF - 1,003 KB)
MAP C-22: Marine Environment- Sedimentary Environments (PDF - 1,285 KB)
MAP C-23: Marine Environment- TOC (Total Organic Carbon Distribution) (PDF - 1,110 KB)
MAP C-24: Built Environment- Landuse 1997 (PDF - 14,724 KB)
MAP C-25: Built Environment- Percent Urban (PDF - 9,781 KB)
MAP C-26: Marine Environment- Shellfishing Restricted Areas (PDF - 1,047 KB)
MAP C-27: Marine Environment- General Distribution Areas of Anadromous Fish Species (PDF - 1,033 KB)
MAP C-28: Marine Environment- Catch Per Unit Effort- Finfish Species (PDF - 984 KB)
MAP C-29: Marine Environment- Coastal and Marine Surface Water Quality Classification (PDF - 1,184 KB)