Energy Benchmarking FAQ

Energy Benchmarking FAQ

How do I know if my Municipality/State Agency/Organization has an ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager account?
If you do not know if you have an ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager account, please contact us and we will check the BenchmarkCT database of building accounts.

What if I know I have an account but I don’t know my password?
If you have a Portfolio Manager account that was created by or shared with ISE, we can try to recover your password or provide assistance in changing the password. Contact us

How do I get my energy data?
There are a few ways to get your energy data. The slowest method is looking at your physical bills and entering all of the information into a spreadsheet. ISE can help with this method, but we are moving to more efficient methods which use the utility account dashboard. We can help you with accessing yours.

For electricity use data, you can request that your utility send the data electronically in a spreadsheet. Eversource allows customers to log into their online accounts and download electricity data into a spreadsheet by using the Green Button.

With gas, oil, and water use data, some services may provide electronic data through Green Button or similar services.

If you are unsure of where to start, feel free to contact us.

How many years of energy data do I need?
We recommend at least two full years of energy data in order to establish a proper baseline, but you can always go back further. If you are participating in an incentive program that requires benchmarking, you should check the requirements of the program in order to comply fully.

Will ISE teach me how to use Portfolio Manager?
ISE staff may be able to provide training on how to use Portfolio Manager. This can be in the form of phone conversations for simple questions or in-person training for one or more individuals who will be responsible for keeping Portfolio Manager accounts up to date. Please email Laurel Kohl  for training inquiries.

How can I get additional help with benchmarking?
Contact us