Becoming a CT Green LEAF School

Becoming a
CT Green LEAF School

Every school is unique and starts with different strengths and accomplishments. CT Green LEAF can help all schools on their journey to becoming greener! For all schools:

1. Letter of Commitment – Your school is interested in joining the CT Green LEAF Program and your principal signs-on with the Principal’s Letter of Commitment. Your school will be listed on the website as a participant.

2. Forming a Green Team – Your school notifies CT Green LEAF of your commitment and initiates or formalizes your Green Team.

3. Self-Assessment – Within a month or so, your school’s green team completes and submits the Self-Assessment Tool . Once this is submitted, your school earns a CT Green LEAF banner, in recognition of your commitment.

Common Ground School receiving their CT Green LEAF banner

If your school scored well (60-100) on the Self-Assessment:

4. Your school may commit to completing the Green Ribbon Application. Mentors are available to help you with this process! Contact by November 1 to connect with a mentor. Completed applications are due by December 10.

If you are not quite there yet, you can use the CT Green LEAF Resources to make improvements. Resources and supports are provided to help schools improve in all areas, and include: webinars, a listserv discussion board, mentors, and professional development opportunities. Participating agencies and organizations are also sharing their expertise to help schools. Your Green Team can choose areas of the 3 goals to work on to make the school greener. Follow the “Roadmaps”– step-by-step guides for assistance. The greening process is one of continuous improvement! Check out the video for an overview of the steps towards becoming a CT Green LEAF school. For questions about the CT Green LEAF program contact

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