The mission of The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) is to promote higher educational opportunities to lead global sustainability. As an affiliate, both the AASHE and affiliates promote each other’s events as well as activities and to provide succinct information on minimal web sources to avoid unnecessary duplication.



To strengthen the relationships and networking among campus sustainability advocates whom all share the same goals.


Connecticut Alliance for Campus Sustainability (CACS) is an AASHE Affiliate.


In itself, the AASHE’s main goals are: to grow its membership to include colleges, government partners and businesses, empower members with indispensable resources to advocate higher education sustainability, pilot sustainable leadership in higher education and to connect campus stakeholders with professional development to become better leaders.

As an affiliate of AASHE, the Connecticut Alliance for Campus Sustainability, will promote AASHE’s programs, provide updates of any ASSHE’s activities and share resources regarding campus sustainability.

Upcoming AASHE Events

  • Global Climate Change Week (October 9th – 15th) —The goal is that through voluntary activities across the globe, there will be more awareness, and inspiration to change social and political laws that will create a more sustainable world. Learn more at
  • The AASHE Conference and Expo (October 15th -17) —This year the theme is “Stronger in Solidarity,” focusing on how to build a stronger community to make progress towards a sustainable future. The goals of the conference are to be inspired to advocate for sustainability in higher education, learn how to strengthen alliances, develop skills to integrate social justice goals into the sustainability effort and network within the field. Learn more at

Sustainability Across the Curriculum Workshop (November 3rd – 4th) —The goal is to explore how educators can inspire, inform and train students to become leaders in the sustainability cause. Apply at