2016 Governor’s Stakeholder Events

Governor’s Council on Climate Change:  Governor’s Stakeholder Events

In 2016, the Governor’s Council on Climate Change (GC3) held a series of evening events to allow stakeholders from around the state to come together and engage in important public policy dialogue on climate change. The primary/central location was in Hartford, with various satellite locations around the state, including one at Eastern. In the first round of dialogue on May 5, participants at 6 satellite locations viewed the Hartford presentations via video link, and then engaged in facilitated dialogue at a local level.

Nearly 200 people across the state participated in the first round of dialogue on May 5 to help shape the efforts of the Governor’s Council on Climate Change (GC3) in developing a plan to achieve the state’s mandated goal of an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions below 2001 levels by the year 2050. Participants learned about and discussed the technologies and measures that will be modeled in the Long range Energy Alternatives Planning System (LEAP).  A widely-used software tool for energy policy analysis and climate change mitigation assessment, LEAP helped build an understanding of the greenhouse gas reduction potential of various measures and technologies.

On July 26, the second round of dialogue drew stakeholders to 9 satellite locations to learn about the initial results of the modeling scenarios that were discussed in May, to provide feedback to the Governor’s Council on the priorities incorporated within those scenarios, and to engage in local dialogue about some of the policy implications of the initial results.

Details for the May event were available at: bit.ly/GC3_May5.
Details for the July event were available at bit.ly/GC3-July26.

There will be an additional event in October; details will be posted on our Upcoming Events page.