2015 Campus Sustainability Week

Campus Sustainability Week 2015

  October 5th – 9th

We had a great #CampusSustainabilityWeek here at Eastern Connecticut State University! Thank you so much to everyone who organized, ran and attended all of the different events! We hope everyone had a great time and learned about #sustainability! If you would like to send us pictures from your events please do by email to millerlau@easternct.edu  and we can add them up to our Campus Sustainability Week page.

Connecticut’s first statewide Campus Sustainability Week was held from Monday October 5
th 2015 – Friday October 9th 2015.

The campuses that participated in the 2015 festivities were:

  • Eastern Connecticut State University
  • Middlesex Community College
  • University of Hartford
  • University of St. Joseph
  • Yale University

See the Information Packet used to organize events.

View events that were posted on the campus event calendar.