Academics and Internships

Sustainabilty in Academics

The Center for Sustainable Energy Studies was established to enable Eastern students to understand the crucial role and impacts of energy resources and energy consumption in society and to prepare students for post-graduate employment and advanced education through the study of the scientific, environmental, economic, political, and social implications of energy science and energy policy. This study includes such fields as energy conservation and efficiency, environmental impacts associated with energy consumption, energy politics and economics, and current developments in energy science.

The Department of Environmental Earth Science (EES) provides students with an educational foundation in environmental geoscience that draws upon classroom, on-line, laboratory and field-based experiences. EES students develop an understanding of the natural world, its materials, processes and geologic records of environmental change, associated energy and sustainability issues, and the relevance of these issues to society. Students not majoring in EES have the opportunity to explore local-to-global physical processes and energy issues at the intersection between humanity and planet Earth.

Internships in SustainabilityThe Institute for Sustainable Energy (ISE) offers both paid and credit internships for Eastern students. Student interns are an important part of the ISE staff, assisting with all major projects. ISE interns are actively involved in implementing sustainability initiatives at Eastern. They gain valuable work experience by organizing events and analyzing energy data for schools and higher education institutions throughout Connecticut.