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 Welcome from the Vice President for Student Affairs:

As the Vice President for Student Affairs, I oversee a broad range of programs and services that create a supportive and challenging environment that is conducive to academic achievement and is responsive to student needs through inclusive excellence. Our staff of dedicated, knowledgeable, and professional individuals prepares students to be successful leaders in a global society through programs and services that enhance student learning, personal and professional development, and civic responsibility. Through seventeen different departments within the Division, we offer resources, support, and opportunities for you to actively engage in the campus community.

As a Division, we seek to engage our students in meaningful ways, connecting them to experiences that separate them from their peers in higher education and provide both an intellectual epiphany and a competitive edge in the marketplace. Facilitating first year students to become engaged and then graduate four years later as significantly more sophisticated and articulate leaders for our society is an outcome that we seek for our students. The Eastern Experience, grounded in the liberal arts, is what separates this University from its peers and is what will foster the potential of each of our students. The strategic initiatives identified will inform our work and will challenge us to provide the best experience for our students. The strategic initiatives are designed to augment students’ meaningful interactions outside of the classroom. These interactions are centered on co-curricular learning, health and safety, and leadership development. We believe that active engagement in each of these areas is a crucial component of the Eastern liberal arts experience.

On our site you will find a wealth of information for students, parents, faculty, and staff. I encourage you to browse the departments, programs, and opportunities that we offer and familiarize yourself with the wide range of resources available to you.

We look forward to serving you — whether you need our advocacy on a particular issue, assistance in solving a problem or answering a question, or simply someone to speak with. I strongly urge you to visit us and take advantage of our resources and expertise.


Walter Diaz, Ed.D
Vice President for Student Affairs

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Vice President for
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Walter Diaz
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Heidi Roberto
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Dean of Students:
Michelle Delaney
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