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Be sure to take a look at the Warriors With Initiative Program under the Warrior with Initiative tab!


Funding Request Packet

BAM Guidlines Fall 2013


Thursday's at 3:30 pm in Student Center 107. Last meeting for the Spring Semester is 5/1/14.

FRP Schedule

FRP Due Date: TBA

FRP Appeals: TBA







BAM’s Purpose:

The primary focus of this standing committee is to supervise implementation of the Student Government Association (SGA) budget and the management of SGA funds according to state statute and procedures. A major function of the Budget and Management Committee (BAM) is to allocate funds and to monitor the business operations of all student organizations sanctioned by the SGA. This committee answers directly to SGA. BAM can be reached at 860-465-0099. 

BAM Guidelines

Summary of BAM Parameters

Conference Worksheet (updated, November, 2010 - if you are asking for money for a conference, please indicate in your funding request packet, fill out this worksheet, and e-mail the worksheet to bam@my.easternct.edu

BAM Committee Members:

Chief Officer of Budget and Management: Matt Hicks
Class Rank: Junior
Major(s): Political Science
Minor/Certification(s): History
Number of Years in SGA: 3

Treasurer: Karolina Chrzanowska
Class Rank: Sophomore
Major(s): Accounting
Minor/Certification(s): Economics and Criminology
Number of Years in SGA: 2

Committee Member: Joe Garzone
Class Rank: Junior
Major(s): History/Social Science
Minor/Certification(s): Secondary Education
Number of Years in SGA: 1

Committee Member: Clint Gosselin
Class Rank: Sophomore
Major(s): History/Social Sciences and Secondary Education
Minor/Certification(s): None
Number of Years in SGA: 1

Committee Member: Meaghan McFall Gorman
Class Rank: Freshman
Major(s): English
Minor/Certification(s): Political Science
Number of Years in SGA: 1




The following are the applications for individual Club Awards for this past 2011-2012 academic year. While these applications may change, we wanted to give clubs and idea of the questions we will be asking so you can prepare all year for your application. Winners will be announced at the annual Club and Organization banquet..


What is it?
It is an incentive based program developed to achieve three main goals:
• Give more funding to clubs
• Allows clubs to earn the funding, thus justifying the extra funding, and in turn improve Eastern’s campus
• Avoid placing any penalties on clubs who do not qualify for extra funding.

How does it Work?
Clubs earn points in 5 ways
• The 5 ways to earn points are:
o Hosting events, Hosting Student Activities Leadership events, submitting minutes, attending club council, and winning awards given by BAM.
• The clubs are then placed into tiers based on their relative point totals.
• If a club falls into either the “gold” or “silver” tier they will qualify for extra funding.

How to Earn Points:
• Winning Club of the Year: 10 Points
• Winning any of BAM’s other awards: 5 Points
• Having 5 members attend a Student Activities Leadership Program: 5 points (Maxed out at 5 points per program)
• Hosting a Student Activities Leadership Program: 3 Points
• Attending Club Council: 3 Points
• Hosting a Program: 2 Points
• Hosting an Event: 1 Points
• Hosting a Meeting, with Submitted Minutes: 1 Point (Maxed at 2 points per month)
• Coordinating an Event/Program with another club: 1 Point (This is in addition to the point(s) awarded for the Event/Program)

The Benefits of Warriors With Initiative Program:

Extra Funding: (to be considered, not guaranteed)

Gold Tier:

Silver Tier





Local=10, National=6

Local=10, National=4


12 members

12 members





$17 per member

$15 per member


2 ($150 per social)

2 ($150 per social)

Doesn’t apply to:
Football, Rugby, Hockey, Cheerleading, Fencing, Yearbook, Senior Class, Drama Society, and Campus Lantern.




Each spring, Student Government Association holds a recognition ceremony introducing the newly elected officers. Clubs/Organizations and individuals a part of the clubs/organizations are also recognized for various accomplishments. See the following links for this information.


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