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Club and Organization Check-Out

Please complete the following steps before you leave for the summer.

Step 1

Roster Submission

The following clubs below have yet to submit their Spring 2013 roster. If your club is on the list, please submit your roster to minutes@easternct.edu

Anime Eastern Ultimate
App Club Game Development
Billiards Club IMA
Bowling Club International Student Association
Conservatives Pre Law Society
Culinary Arts Club Pre-Med Society
Drama Society  

*Be sure to include student ID numbers when submitting your roster.

Step 2

Club Inventory Survey

An email was already sent to your club about the Club Inventory Survey. In the fall semester, a member of your club filled out the Club Inventory Survey. If the person that filled this out last semester is still a member of the club, please have them fill it out again. If not, please have the President or their designee fill it out. Click the button below to go to the survey.

Click Here for Club Inventory Survey

Step 3

Club and Organization Fair

Please provide a contact person that will be in your club next semester for the Club and Organization Fair on September 10th, 2013.

Step 4

Event Registrations

Anytime your club does an event (events are anything outside of your regular meeting agendas), we ask you to fill out an event registration. This is done primarily to register your event with our office. However, the university uses this information for many reasons (awards for clubs, BAM allocations, and general University information).

If you forgot to submit any event registrations this academic year, please fill out the survey for those events so that you can receive due credit for the work you have done this year. An email was sent to your club account with all of the event registrations that were submitted for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Step 5

Reserving Weekly Meeting Space

If you are absolutely sure of the meeting time/location you would like for next semester, please email Chris Ambrosio with your day, time, duration, and location for your meetings. You can contact him at


Step 6 (Optional)

The student leadership series is a 3 tiered personal student leadership program developed from Eastern's Strategic Planning Initiative to enhance campus culture by providing leadership training experiences for students.


The program encourages students to explore their own individual leadership development potential. Students will engage in a series of sessions throughout the academic year that will enhance their Liberal Arts experience by exploring topics in line with the University's Core Values.

If you are interested in the program

Step 7 (Optional)

An email was sent from the Campus Activity Board that asked clubs to reach out to them if you are interested in collaborating with them next semester. If you are interested, please email them at


There are also a number of Assistant CAB Coordinator positions still available. Assistant Coordinators aid CAB Coordinators in all aspects of event programming ranging from researching event ideas to working CAB events. If you are interested in the assistant position, please email Casey Bandarra at



If you have any questions about any steps above, please email Chris Ambrosio at