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Welcome to Forms and Policies. The tabs above will help you to navigate all University Policy. If you have any questions, please contact Chris Ambrosio in Student Activities.ffice.





What form do I use?

Below is a quick guide to event planning both on and off campus.
On Campus Events
Step 1- Event Registration
Submit an Event Registration prior to your event. You will receive an email confirming approval or denial of your event.
Step 2- Reserving Space/Card Reader

To reserve space on campus, complete the new Online Facilities Request Form. TThis link contains the instructions for filling out the form.


If you need a card reader for your event, fill out the Online Expre$$ Card Reader Form at least 3 days prior to your event.


Step 3- Food

To purchase food from Chartwells, submit a Purchase Requisition Form, quote from Catering, and minutes to Student Activities before the event. Chartwells Catering - Good Cents Menu and Chartwells Seasonal Menu

To purchase food from off-campus vendors, you must complete a Purchase Requisition Form and hand it in the Student Activities with minutes from your club. A limit of $150 can be spent with off campus vendors.
Step 4- Goods
Wal-Mart Card- The easiest way to purchase goods is with the Wal-Mart card. Simply email Chris Ambrosio with a date and time you would like to reserve the card. Submit a Voucher with minutes to the Student Activities office.


Purchase Order- Many businesses allow you to purchase goods without sending payment until after the goods are received.  This provides more protection for your club as the Purchasing Department will not send payment unless the goods were received and you are happy with your purchase. If the vendor accepts purchase orders, submit an official quote from the business, a Purchase Requisition Form, and minutes to the Student Activities Office.


Cash Advance- If you are purchasing goods from several vendors, you have the option of getting a cash advance. Submit a Voucher and minutes to the Student Activities office. A check will then be cut in your name (Max $300). *Note

Step 5- Services
When hiring a business for services (ie DJ's, Speakers, etc) an Honorarium must be completed along with a non-discrimination form and a corporate resolution (see the Financial Paperwork tab for supporting documents). Please see Chris Ambrosio in Student Activities before completing this process.
Off-Campus Events
Step 1- Event Registration
Submit an Event Registration at least one week prior to an event.
Step 2- Travel Authorization Form
All expenses for your travel will be paid by using the Travel Authorization Form (TA). These expenses have been broken down into several areas below. Please attach all additional documents (if applicable) to the TA.


Flights- All flights must be reserved through Sanditz Travel Agency (1-800-858-4456). When calling for quotes, let them know it is for Eastern business. They allow you to hold a reservation for 24 hours without actually booking the flight. When you are ready to hand in all paperwork for the trip, you can call Sanditz and reserve your flights. Be sure to have the correct names (as it appears on state ID) as well as the date of birth for everyone traveling.


Hotel- If you are booking a hotel for your trip, obtain an official quote as well as a w-9 from the hotel. The university has the ability to hold rooms on the university purchasing card if you don't feel comfortable doing so with your personal card.


Food- All money for food when traveling can either be paid by way of a check cut directly to the vendor (obtain a quote from the vendor) or a check cut to the person who's name is on the Travel Authorization form.


Registration- If there are registration fees associated with your trip, obtain a quote from the vendor as well as their w-9 and attach it to the Travel Authorization form.


All Other Expenses- Any other expenses that you will incur during travel can be put into the "other" portion of the Travel Authorization form.

Step 3- Submission
After attaching all documents to the TA and an advisor signature, submit to Chris Ambrosio in Student Activities (Student Center 224).


Step 4- Van Request

If a University Van is required for your travel, submit an Online Van Reservation

*TA must be in before Van Request can be processed*


All forms below are explained in the Event Planning Tab.

Event Registration
To be filled out before any events.
Online Facilities Request Form This form is used when reserving any space on campus.

Setup Diagram for Johnson Room - Library

Setup Diagram for the Betty Tipton Room - Student Center

Voucher To be used for Cash Advances, Reimbursements, Payment of Vendor Services, and Transfers to other clubs/organizations.
Purchase Requisition Form To be used for Purchase Orders and Vendor Payments
Travel Authorization Form (TA) To be filled out for any travel.
Online Van Reservation To be filled out whenever a University van is required for travel.
Rock Reservation To be used to reserve the rock by Mead Hall. This rock is usually painted to advertise clubs or club events.
Athletic Events To be used anytime you want to do an event in conjunction with an Athletic event.
Online Expre$$ Card Reader Form To be filled out when you are requesting a card reader for an event. *Note only for sales of items $5 and up or large scale events.
Authorized Signature Form Fill this form out when you there are changes to your eboard or advisor. Submit to Student Activities.
Tax Exempt Form *See Student Activities If you get a cash advance, you are responsible for paying the tax on purchases. Some businesses will accept the Uiversity tax exempt form for purchases. Plese see Student Activities for the form.
Post Event

Deposit Slip and Financial Summary

To be used when depositing money after fundraisers
Gift Card Form To be used when prizes are given out
CO-17XP To be filled when reconciling a Travel Authorization
Please see Student Activities Staff Before attempting paperwork below.
Honorarium Checklist This will walk you through the process
Honorarium To be used for contracts under $3,000
Agency Vendor Form For vendors we have never used before
Individual Nondiscrimination Form If service providor is an individual
Business Entity Nondiscrimination Form  If service providor is a business entity
Resolution General Instructions  
Corporate Resolution Sample Corporate Resolution
LLC Resolution Sample LLC Resolution
LLC sole member Resolution Sample Sole Member Resolution
W-9 Most vendors should already have their w-9 filled out and on file. If not, you can provide them with this form.
Posting Policy- A quick guide on protocol and approved locations to post advertisements on campus.
Information for University Relations to Help Promote Your Event
Copy Center - Learn the process to obtain free copies of publicity from the copy center.


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Club Listing
The club listings contain all of the current SGA recognized clubs and organization with their meeting times, officers and advisors with contact information.




Each spring, Student Government Association holds a recognition ceremony introducing the newly elected officers. Clubs/Organizations and individuals a part of the clubs/organizations are also recognized for various accomplishments. See the following links for this information.

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