Drama Society

Drama Society


The function for the Drama Society shall be to:

Promote the theatre activities at Eastern to the University community during each semester, to give the students at Eastern a chance to become a part of the department and participate in theatre events, to give the students, faculty, staff, and as well as the local community the opportunity to broaden their awareness of theatre and its workings, recognize theatre as art form and a discipline as well as potential entertainment.



Drama Society Constitution


PresidentJon Capozzolidramasociety@my.easternct.edu
Vice PresidentMatthew Bessettedramasociety@my.easternct.edu
TreasurerKayla Mainulidramasociety@my.easternct.edu
SecretaryAnh Tadramasociety@my.easternct.edu


Chase Rozelle860-465-0236rozellec@easternct.edu

Jennifer Cobb860-465-0296cobbj@easternct.edu