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Strategic Planning:
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2008-13 Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan to make Eastern a University of First Choice has made extraordinary progress during the spring 2009 semester. More than 200 faculty, staff and students have volunteered to create and refine proposals to actualize our vision to be a premier public liberal arts university. By the end of the spring semester 13 of the 18 initiatives will have been reviewed by our faculty, staff and student implementation and presidential advisory committees. New projects to enhance our campus culture, improve our residential environment, refine our information technology plan, and implement our physical master plan have been approved. I thank each of you who have participated in this process, as an active member of committees or as an individual reviewer of proposals. Your work matters. We will see the results of these efforts gradually during the next months as we finalize all initiatives and institutionalize our efforts.

President Elsa M. Nuñez
May 2009