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Periodic updates on questions related to the progress of the Strategic Plan implementation will be compiled as FAQs. If you have questions you would like answered or would like to comment on this FAQ, please e-mail Maggie Martin at martinm@easternct.edu or call at x55704.
How can I participate?
Spring 2009 will be a busy semester with 13 new proposals likely to be posted. Please read the proposals and make comments. You can do so right from within the proposal using the comment buttons at the beginning or end of the document. You may comment by name or anonymously. Comments help make proposals better. The initiative teams must respond to all comments and often refine their proposals to reflect the community’s comments. Please comment!
Where can I read and make comments on proposals?
Initiative proposals are posted at: http://nutmeg.easternct.edu/strategicplanning/Implementation/. Proposals in early stages of design are labeled REVIEW and those open for public comment are identified by COMMENT.
Which initiatives have been approved and institutionalized?
As of the beginning of spring 2009 semester three proposals have been approved and funded. These are the Master Plan, Academic Advising (part of the Student Success initiative) and the Student Center proposal.
How will new initiatives be approved and funded?
Proposals are reviewed and recommended for institutionalization first by the Strategic Planning Implementation Steering Committee (SIPS) and then by the President’s Advisory Committee (PAC). (Membership of these committees is at: http://nutmeg.easternct.edu/strategicplanning/staff.htm.) The committees review the proposals to ensure that they will promote student academic success and timely graduation; have an achievable and reasonable implementation plan; are able to demonstrate effectiveness through a sound assessment plan; and are consistent with our values and mission. When recommended to the President, the initiatives are institutionalized through a formal management letter detailing the implementation plan and budget.
When will initiatives be funded?

Initiatives are funded in our biennial budget cycle beginning July 1, 2009. Budgets are established for four years, with many initiatives being phased-in throughout this period.

How will the economy affect our strategic plan implementation and institutionalization efforts?
These are challenging economic times and many of the initiatives which require funding new positions may not be fully implemented until hiring can begin again. However, it is essential that our planning and our approval process continue. Many initiatives are proposing policy and practice changes that have no fiscal effect. Others are recommending changes that need to be carefully readied for implementation when funding is available. Some initiatives will require careful phasing-in over two years regardless of whether new funds are available. In addition, other sources of funds may become available to support initiatives – new sources from grants, public funds and other revenues produced from tuition and redistribution of existing funds. These require a plan and we need to be ready for action to achieve our goals.