Sociology Major/Minor:

Degree Requirements

The Sociology major is designed to contribute to the overall intellectual and personal development of liberal arts students and provide them with backgrounds useful for careers in a variety of fields. Graduates are employed in community, business, and organizational settings, and attend graduate school in sociology, social work, law, and other fields. Practicum and internship courses give students an opportunity to gain experience in one or more field placement settings to complement classroom instruction.

Admission to the Program

Students wishing to major in Sociology should pick up a change of major form through the Department Chairperson prior to the junior year to facilitate planning a sequence of required and elective courses. Transfer students should discuss the curriculum and sequence of courses with the Chairperson of the Department when they request admission to the University.

Sociology Degree Requirements


Introduction to Sociology

Intro to the Sociology Major

SOC300Sociological Theory3
SOC350Methods of Social Research4
SOC351Statistics for Social Research4
SOC400Senior Seminar4
SOC/ANT/CRM***18 credits of electives, up to six of which may be ANT or CRM, the remainder to be SOC courses.18

The student should come as close as possible to the following sequence:

Freshman year: SOC 100
Sophomore year: SOC 201
Junior year: SOC 300, 350
Senior year: SOC 351, 400

Recommended Course Sequence, Major in Sociology (B.A.)
Check all course descriptions for prerequisites before planning course schedule.

First Year
ENG100College Writing3
MAT---Math Course Beyond Algebra II3
HPE104Foundation of Health & Wellness2
SOC100Introduction to Sociology3
FYI100First Year Introduction3
Liberal Arts Curriculum16-25
Second Year


Foreign Language Requirement

Intro to Sociology Major

SOC---One or two SOC courses12-21
Liberal Arts Curriculum
Third Year
SOC300Sociological Theory-Fall3
SOC350Methods of Social Research-Spring4
SOC---Courses in Area of Concentration3-6
Liberal Arts Curriculum
Sociology Major Requirements
Fourth Year
SOC351Statistics for Social Research -Fall4
SOC400Senior Seminar-Spring4
Total Credits120

In order to graduate with a BA in Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work; a student must have an overall average of 2.0 in both the set of required courses listed above and in all of the courses which are counted toward the major.

Minor: Sociology
15 credits labeled SOC, of which only 3 credits may be at the 100 level, and 9 credits of which must be at the 300 level or above, are required for the Minor. Click here for a listing of all Sociology courses.

For more information concerning the Sociology program, contact Dr. William Lugo at (860) 465-0163.