Program Outcomes

Social Work Program Outcomes

Eastern’s Social Work Program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) which is the national accrediting body for baccalaureate and masters programs in social work. We are one of 480 accredited baccalaureate programs nationally. For information about accreditation see:

Eastern’s Social Work Program is publicly posting its achievement of benchmarks that demonstrate the quality of our educational program.

Readiness for Graduate Study:
53% of graduating social work students complete masters degrees within two-six years post graduation (National Student Clearinghouse).

Timely Graduation:
87% of entering junior social work majors graduated with a BA within two years of entering the major. 95% graduated within four years.

We assess student learning competencies which reflect the program’s very high standards of achievement, which include multiple measures including¬†internship assessment by social work field instructors, classroom faculty assessment of course assignments, and nationally normed tests, we expect that students will achieve competency in 80% of all measures in each competency. The following are the results for academic year 2013-2014.

  • Benchmark 2.1.1 Identify as a professional social worker – ACHIEVED (93%)
  • Benchmark 2.1.2 Apply ethical principles – ACHIEVED (80%)
  • Benchmark 2.1.3 Apply critical thinking – ACHIEVED (80%)
  • Benchmark 2.1.4 Engage diversity in practice – Not achieved (64%)
  • Benchmark 2.1.5 Advance human rights and social and economic justice – Not achieved (60%)
  • Benchmark 2.1.6 Engage research informed practice / practice informed research – ACHIEVED (80%)
  • Benchmark 2.1.7 Apply human behavior knowledge – Not achieved (60%)
  • Benchmark 2.1.8 Engage policy practice to advance well-being and deliver services Not achieved (43%)
  • Benchmark 2.1.9 Respond to practice contexts – ACHIEVED (100%)
  • Benchmark 2.1.10 Engage, assess, intervene and evaluate with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities – ACHIEVED (80%)