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Shakespeare's Plays

The Plays from Encyclopædia Britannica

The Drama and Shakespeare
This "book" provides an introduction to the dramatic traditions that Shakespeare inherited as he began his career as playwright from the Internet Shakespeare Editions.

First Folio (1623) Facsimile
Alternative Title: Mr William Shakespeare's comedies, histories, & tragedies: published according to the true originall copies: 1623. "This is an on-line photographic reproduction of the 1623 first folio of Shakespeare's works held at Horace Howard Furness Memorial Shakespeare Library. The text can be navigated by section, play, sigla and page number. Images are resizable. Page by page comparisons are possible between the First Folio and a selection of editions of Shakespeare's work and some of his sources. Folio and quarto comparisons are possible for the following : Henry the Fourth, Part One; Hamlet; Henry The Fifth; King Lear; The Merchant of Venice; Othello (Q2 and 4); Pericles (Q5 and 6) and Romeo and Juliet. As well as being of potential use to editors of Shakespeare's plays and to academics generally, the site may also prove of use for students taking research methods courses and anybody interested in textual variations between editions of Shakespeare's play." Chris Boswell, The Humbul Humanities Hub.

Hear & See Famous Actors and Musicians perform Shakespeare from Encyclopædia Britannica.

Music in Shakespeare's Plays by Mary Springfels from Encyclopædia Britannica.

The Oxford Shakespeare
Search using the Search box on the site.

Who Wrote Shakespeare's Plays? from Encyclopædia Britannica.

Shakespeare: Life and Plays by George Saintsbury, M.A., Merton College, Oxford, LL.D., Professor of Rhetoric and English Literature in the University of Edinburgh.

Shakespeare, William: Works
"Bielefeld University Library has made available digital editions of a number of works from its special collections. The works of William Shakespeare has been digitized from Alexander Pope's quarto edition published in London from 1723-25. The works comprises six volumes of plays, each of which has been digitized and made available as a series of page images (two pages per image). Simple navigation aids are also provided. The digital edition is designed to be viewed on a 1024 x 768 resolution screen and makes use of HTML frames. Pope's edition of Shakespeare includes Nicholas Rowe's life of Shakespeare. The digital edition also preserves the illustrations including a portrait of Shakespeare." The Humbul Humanities Hub

Shakespeare's Works Links to the collected and individual works by Shakespeare from Terry A. Gray's Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet .

Some plays explored from The Internet Shakespeare Editions
This "book" discusses ways in which you can use Shakespeare's Life and Times to explore issues in selected plays.

The Sources Shakespeare Used for his Plays from The Internet Shakespeare Editions

Individual Plays

Shakespeare: Individual plays Criticism, photos and production information.

Hamlet on the Ramparts "Hamlet on the Ramparts is a collection of texts, images, and films related to Hamlet's first encounter with the ghost (Act I, scenes 4 and 5). Created by the MIT Shakespeare Electronic Archive in collaboration with major libraries, publishers and scholars, it is a developing multimedia archive attempting to bring together in digital form resources which are geographically dispersed. Initially, it contains electronic texts of three major modern editions (the Arden, the Folger, and the Oxford), page images of the first three printed editions of the play (The First Folio, The First Quarto, The Second Quarto), and an expansive collection of images: over 200 from the Folger Library, a collection of artwork based on Hamlet, and digitised photographs of recent Hamlet productions from the Shakespeare Centre in Stratford-upon-Avon. Additionally, the site contains sequences from three film versions: the Forbes-Robertson film of 1913, the Svend Gade adaptation of 1920, and the filmed record of the Richard Burton-John Gielgud production of 1964. The collection will develop to include other texts, images, films and sound recordings, scholarly commentaries on the scenes, and a forum for user participation. The site also provides lesson plans and useful guides and tutorials for teachers." The Humbul Humanities Hub

Hamlet Haven: An Online, Annotated Bibliography (Characters, Subjects, Approaches) from Harmonie Loberg.

Hamlet Revisiting A cultural history of the play: the history of its text, of performance practices on stage and in reading.

Hamlet & Co: Introduction to Hamlet
A summary of Shakespeare's Hamlet can be found on this site along with articles discussing various aspects of the play, including its historical sources, themes, and soliloquies. Eriks Uskalis from the University of Liège in Belgium also provides a biography of Shakespeare, a chronology of his plays, and information on his reputation and language.

The Richard III Society, American Branch
Resources about Shakespeare's Richard III and historical data about the Yorkist king. Includes secondary sources and some primary texts, film and play reviews, contact information for other Shakespeare societies, and specific reference materials for scholars and teachers.

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