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An Introduction to CONSULS

CSU's Online Library Catalog

What is CONSULS?

Searching CONSULS

Locating items in the library

Requesting Items

Renewing Items


What is CONSULS?

Connecticut State University Library System

The CONSULS library catalog includes the holdings of the Connecticut State University Libraries: Eastern Connecticut State University, Central Connecticut State University, Southern Connecticut State University, Western Connecticut State University, and the holdings of the Connecticut State Library in Hartford.

Materials in CONSULS include:


Journal Titles & Dates of Subscription

Newspaper Titles & Dates of Subscription

DVDs, Videos

CONSULS Services

  • View your Library account to see if books are due, etc.
  • Request items from other CSU libraries
  • Cancel requests for CSU materials
  • Renew CSU books online
  • Access course reserve articles online


Searching CONSULS for Library Holdings

CONSULS Keyword Search Screen

Keyword Search:

Use a Keyword Search if interested in a topic or an idea and don't have a specific title, author, or subject heading.

A Keyword Search can search multiple words as a phrase (example: Supreme Court, Computer Science)

A Keyword Search can look for your word(s) anywhere in a record: Title, Author, Subject, or within the notes.



For other search options such as by Title, Author, Subest, Advanced, etc. select each separately.

Limiting a search to only one CSU Library or the State Library can be done by selecting the drop down (see below). Select "Search ECSU" if only interested in materials at the Smith Library. Type in your keyword, then press "Submit." Also note the "Search ECSU Reference" option. This is helpful when you are only looking for encyclopedias, dictionaries, or other reference-related materials at ECSU.



Using the "Advanced Search" tab there are several options for limiting a search by the library location, material type, language, and date options. There are also options to sort results by relevance, date, or title.


Locating Items in the Library

(example of a search for materials at ECSU about "globalization and economy")

Note: CONSULS will automatically look for all of the Keywords. EACH result will contain ALL of the terms in the search box.


Two records below that show where to find the materials. Always note the Location, Call No., and Status to locate the item(s). If a record has a due date in the status column, that means someone has borrowed the book.

CONSULS Record noting availability


Requesting Items in CONSULS

The purpose of using the "Request" feature in CONSULS is to obtain materials that are not at the J. Eugene Smith Library but are found at another CSU library (CCSU, SCSU, & WCSU) Now you can also request some of the materials from the Connecticut State Library. They also share our catalog.

You can also use "Request" to let the library know you would like a book that is currently checked out. Check the status of a book to determine if it is available. A book that is checked out will have a due date in the status column.

Note: You cannot request Reference books because they do not circulate.

After initiating a search there are two ways to request materials in CONSULS:

1) Within a list of records, select "Request" to the left of each title:



2) Within the record, select the "Request" button at the top of the page:


Login with your username and password.

request login

Select where you want to pick the item up and press "Submit".

You will hear from the library when the item is at the location you selected.


request verify


Renewing Items in CONSULS

First, login to your library record. There are several ways to do this within CONSULS or from our library home page.



Once you have logged in you can view your library record. This is where you can renew your Library materials by selecting the item(s) you want renewed and clicking "Renew Selected" as shown below. You cannot renew an item if it is overdue.

Please be sure to pay any fines or bills.

Library Record Renewal

Choose "Help" (found in the top, right of the CONSULS screen or in box to the right) to get more details about using CONSULS. Or, contact a reference librarian to answer any questions.


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