Ella's Birthday PartyWelcome to Ella's Library Nook!

You may have already heard that the most commonly recognized way to support your child's literacy development is to read to your child. Your child needs to see you model reading behaviors so they too will become confident, and fluent readers.

Ella's Library Nook is a special place where families with children attending the center can find excellent children's literature for loan. Ella's has over 700 titles of various types including board books, picture books, and concept books as well as a small collection of puppets, and rolling book bags that can be borrowed for up to 28 days by using Ella's Library Card. A small collection of parenting books are also available for caregivers and can be obtained through the same means.  A Library Card for Ella's Library Nook can be obtained by filling out an application.

Our Mascot Ella is a blue elephant with multicolor polka dots. Ella’s family is large and she has lots of sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Ella is a very unique elephant and enjoys being read to and is learning how to read. She really appreciates receiving books as gifts and has lots of books to share and loan to her friends in the Center. Some of Ella’s favorite books are: Olivia’s Missing Toy, What Happened to Marion’s Book? Where’s My Teddy? Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother Too? If You’re Happy and You Know It! and Bear Wants More. What are your favorites?

It is Ella’s wish that you take great care of her books and return them in the shape that you received them. Remember the books are being loaned to you and need to make their way back to Ella’s Library Nook so others can enjoy them too. Stop by Ella's and let us assist you and your child find that special book. We look forward to meeting you and your family.

The staff at Ella's Library Nook,

Hope Marie, Elise, and Kathy.


Some Important Rules to Follow in Caring for Ella’s Books

Wash your hands before handling books.

Use a bookmark to save your place. Do not bend or fold pages of a book.

Do not write, cut, or color the pages.

Keep books clean and dry and in a special place at home.

Keep books away from food and drink.

Return books on time to avoid late fees.