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Hours of Operation During the Fall and Spring Semester:Monday-Thursday 8am-7:30pm,Friday 8-6pm, Sunday 2-8pm

Welcome to the Curriculum Center.  It has been stated by Gail Godwin that, “Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theatre.” If this is true, then where do preservice teachers go to acquire the necessary materials to prepare great lessons and become effective teachers? One great resource is the Curriculum Center located on the first floor of the J. Eugene Smith Library.  The Center offers a vast array of professional, reference, and educational materials and services to be used by pre-service teachers and educators already in the field. These materials are found in different formats throughout the Curriculum Center, on the Curriculum Center web site and on the Education/Curriculum LibGuide.. For more information about the Center please go to the following Education/Curriculum LibGuide.

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