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Hi my name is Elise Browne, I feel fortunate to be working in a library which exposes me to a great deal of the new books and materials which are published every year. But I am fond of the oldies and the goodies,  treasures found in many libraries.  When I was a just a babe I enjoyed listening to bedtime stories and was fortunate to have books in the home such as Bedtime Stories, Bible Stories and Childcraft.  I learned to read quite fast and devoured the ample books magazines and newspapers that were in our home.  I remember discovering the public library and then being old enough to walk there on my own.  These early experiences created a foundation which fostered a love of literature.  I am glad to be part of an organization which sustains literature for the next generations.

Libraries are interesting places for culture and information so when visiting towns in Connecticut or when traveling out of state I stop in libraries to discover their resources and learn what is happening.  I believe that education can be everyone’s champion and libraries help make it happen.  I am a member of the Black Caucus of the American Library Association because I have a special interest in promoting the use of libraries in ethnic communities. 

If you are in this neck of the woods I encourage you to stop by the J. Eugene Smith Library to admire the library and drop in the Curriculum Center on the first floor.  My colleagues and I will be glad to tell you about the collections.  Oh and if you ask me, I will tell you about my 22 year quest to find an item that a librarian at the Library of Congress helped me locate which after our conversation they purchased for our nation's collection.


Welcome! My name is Hope Marie Cook. I'm originally from New York State and have been employed at three large universities and a couple of community colleges before coming to Eastern Connecticut State University.  I started my work and educational record at Syracuse University.  Due to what I think was a wonderful career opportunity, I decided to leave Syracuse and move to Henderson, Nevada for a position at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

It was in Nevada that I really learned about curriculum centers, and reading instruction. I was employed full-time by the university and decided to take advantage of the educational benefits, part of my benefits package.  It was at UNLV that I decided to continue my coursework in education and ended up pursuing a degree in Elementary Education K-8.   My B.S. degree in elementary education/reading major is from the University of Nevada Las Vegas.  It was here where I really learned an appreciation for literature and the integration of such into other subject areas.At UNLV I also received a Master's Degree in Education Administration.  I have worked with students who have English as a Second Language (ESL) and have worked in the classroom teaching traditional students at the K-8 level.   I have been involved in tutoring students through various after school programs.  Additionally, I have been involved in tutoring and teaching adult students to read.

In my previous position at Wayne State University I was employed in the College of Lifelong Learning.  I taught Information Literacy classes to undergraduate students.   I received my Master’s in Library and Information Science from Wayne State University and a sixth year certificate/diploma in ILS-The Oral Tradition at Southern Connecticut State University. My passion is digital storytelling and other technology related projects. I also have an interest in the censorship of literature. I look forward to assisting you!


Hi, I’m Kathy Freidenfelds and I work here as a Library Technician dividing my time between the Curriculum Center and the cataloging group in Technical Services.  I’ve got the best of jobs working with children’s literature and with people interested in teaching children. 

I’ve always loved books so I couldn’t be happier surrounded by some of the best picture books for children along with fiction and non-fiction books for older readers.  The bright and inviting Curriculum Center is a great work environment and my Technical Services desk has an expansive view from the fourth floor windows, and is a good place to grow my plants.

For nearly twenty years I have worked in libraries – public, elementary school, corporate and academic.  My focus has been on providing good customer service and being just as pleasant and helpful to the youngest library patrons as I am to the college students, scientists, professors and executives.  I find library work to be enjoyable and rewarding.

My hobbies are gardening and reading, but I also like to take long walks and canoe rides. I’ve got a wonderful granddaughter who just started kindergarten this year.  She and I like to spend many happy hours together reading, coloring, gardening, or just having fun.

Some of my favorite children’s books are those by Beatrix Potter, Rosemary Wells, and Leo Lionni.  One of my all-time favorite stories to read aloud is Sylvester and the Magic Pebble by William Steig.  Someday I hope to write and publish a book for children, but right now I’m eager to help you find the information you need in the Curriculum Center.


Hello, my name is Grace Burchard, and I work in the Curriculum Center here on the first floor of the library. My experience with this area started as an undergraduate, when I worked four years as a student assistant in the Curriculum Center. Thanks to that, and the encouragement of the other librarians here, I decided that I wanted to pursue librarianship as a career. After graduating from ECSU in 2006, I started working towards my Master of Library Science at SCSU, while continuing to work at the Smith Library. After some time at the Circulation desk and in Serials, I came back to work here again.

Anytime you happen to be in the library, drop by the Curriculum Center. I’ll be glad to help you find what you’re looking for. I love to learn new things and to help people find what they need to learn. For me, this has always been the most rewarding part of working in a library. I also love books and someday I hope to write a story of my own. In the meantime however, I spend my time reading. My favorite book of all time is the Bible, but I also enjoy a wide variety of other books. Some of my favorite children’s literature includes Tacky the Penguin, the Redwall Series by Brian Jacques, and the Little House on the Prairie series. I also enjoy writing poetry, spending time in the outdoors, gardening, biking, and raising bonsai.

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