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Getting Involved with Campus Events

There are many opportunities throughout the academic year to work on projects related to issues of sexual assault and interpersonal violence. From awareness programs to bystander intervention workshops, there is an event to get involved with. Click a tab below to learn more.

SAIV-RT Info Sessions: Students had chances to learn about the Sexual Assault & Interpersonal Violence Response Team of Eastern Connecticut State University, various definitions, and safety plans.

The Men’s Project: A semester-long program with weekly sessions, this group learned about rape culture, harmful masculine ideals in society and media, and how to improve gender-based relations within their communities.

Domestic Violence Certification Training: The United Services Domestic Violence Program offered 20-hour courses to participants who wanted to learn about the different levels of domestic violence and how to intervene. It is a great addition to resumes for those pursuing careers in social work or victim advocacy programs.

10×10 Campaign: This info session was open to any person who identifies as male who wants to take action in discussing and preventing intimate partner violence, dating violence and stalking in their community. It was sponsored by the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the United Services Domestic Violence Program.

Where Do You Stand? These workshops will explore a variety of issues relevant to self-identified men that can promote their engagement in bystander interventions. It is a project by Anquanette Deloatch in support of creating a safe space for men to become agents, addressing gender-based violence at Eastern.

The Clothesline Project: Students and staff decorated t-shirts to show their support for victim-survivors of interpersonal violence, and to give voice to their experiences. The shirts were put on display in the main stairway of the Student Center. If you designed a shirt, and would like to keep it, stop by the Women’s Center to pick it up. Any shirts not claimed will be kept to put on display for future Clothesline Projects.

Self-Care Program: A prequel to the “Know Your IX” event, Wagatwe Wanjuki hosted a workshop on the often-overlooked activity of self-care.

Know Your IX: Following the “Self-Care Program,” Wagatwe Wanjuki discussed Title IX and its implementation across college campuses.

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