Withdrawal from Courses

Withdrawal From Courses

If students wish to reduce their course load after the deadline for dropping the course, they must obtain a withdrawal form from the Registrar’s Office. Full-time students who wish to withdraw from all of their courses must follow the Withdraw from the University process.

The withdrawal form requires the signature of the student’s academic advisor. The “W” grade will be recorded on the student’s permanent transcript but will not be used in calculating the grade point average. Due to immigration regulations international students should consult with the coordinator of international programs prior to withdrawing from a course.  It is the student’s responsibility to return the completed form to the Registrar’s Office.

The course withdrawal deadline for full-semester courses is no later than the tenth week of the semester. The course withdrawal deadline for less than full-semester courses is no later than the end of the second third of the course. If students have not withdrawn officially from a course before the deadline, the course will appear on their academic record with the appropriate grade assigned.

See the Academic Calendar for specific dates and the following link for the Withdrawal From a Course Form.