Spring 2014 Important Information

Welcome to Eastern Connecticut State University for the spring 2014 semester. Much of the information contained in this notice is located on the Office of the Registrar’s website. We recommend that you follow either the office’s Facebook page and/or Twitter page in order for you to be notified of all important updates, reminders, and deadlines to help ensure academic success. All of the information contained herein will be available on the office blog which you can subscribe to for future posts.


E-Web, Eastern’s Online Services

You can access E-Web, Eastern’s Online Services at http://eweb.easternct.edu via any web browser. Click “Login”; enter your Eastern ID; enter your PIN; Select applicable features from the menu display. If this is your first log-on, your pin was initialized as your DOB, in a MMDDYY format (ex. 030681); the system will immediately expire your PIN and request you change your PIN. Your new PIN must be a 6-digit number.

Some of the self-service options available to students through E-Web are:

• View course offerings and search for open seats
• Register and add/drop classes
• View billing information and make credit card payments
• View your class schedule
• View your registration status and appointment date
• View mid-term and final grades
• Perform an unofficial degree evaluation
• Request an enrollment verification
• Request official transcripts
• View advisor information
• View your academic history
• Update permanent/home and local addresses
• View financial information
• Enter emergency contact information
Enter personal email address and view university assigned email address. Please note that the Eastern email address is the official address for University email correspondence.


Policies, Procedures and Deadline Information

Do you know the last day you can drop a class? Do you know when the deadline is to apply for August and December graduation? See the following page on the Registrar Office website for all of the important deadlines for the spring 2014 semester. Follow the Facebook page and/or Twitter page for reminders.


Are You a Full Time Student?

If your current course load is less than 12 credits, you have until the close of the add/drop period (January 24) to complete your class schedule. Any undergraduate student carrying less than the 12-credit minimum at the close of the add/drop period will be classified as part time for the semester. Please be advised that financial aid may be impacted by a change to part time enrollment. Coverage under your parent’s health insurance may also be impacted.

Annual Notice of Rights Under FERPA

Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) – Eastern Connecticut State University is required to annually notify students in attendance of their FERPA rights. The annual notice is located on the Registrar’s website where you will also find additional information regarding FERPA as well as applicable forms.

Service Members Opportunity College (SOC)

Are you an active duty Armed Forces Servicemember concerned about being transferred? Eastern is a Servicemembers Opportunity College (SOC). If you are in the Navy or the Coast Guard and sign the SOCNAV or SOCCOAST agreement, you will be able to complete your Eastern degree wherever you are stationed. Family members are also eligible. You must be able to complete a minimum of 30 credits at Eastern. Please call 860-445-0333 for details.


Public Information

In accordance with Public Act 90-259, statistics on campus crime for the previous calendar year are available on request by contacting the Department of Public Safety.


Voter Registration

In accordance with Federal Law Section 48a(b) of H.R. 6 Higher Education Amendments of 1998, Mail-in voter registration cards are available at the Support Services Center, Student Center and Library.