Self-Service Verifications Available

Happy with Your Computer.jpgAre you looking for a great student discount? Do you need to stay on your parent’s health insurance a year longer? Often, students are asked to verify that they are enrolled at the University for these and other reasons. The good news (great, if you ask us) is that you can verify that you are a student at Eastern without ever leaving your computer.

In order to verify that you are a student with Eastern’s “self-service” option, enrolled students may access a link to the National Student Clearinghouse from          E-Web. You may request your own enrollment verifications free of charge by selecting enrollment verification document from the options list.

Semester enrollment is first sent to the Clearinghouse in mid-August for the fall semester and mid-January for the spring semester. Semester enrollments are updated at the end of the first, fourth and eighth week of the semester, as well as at the conclusion of the term