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Recommended Course Sequence: Industrial-Organizational Psychology Concentration

Check all course descriptions for prerequisites before planning course schedule

First Year:
PSY 100 General Psychology
PSY 101 Introduction to the Psychology Major
PSY 200 level courses from the Foundations or Developmental Courses (see catalog)
LAC Courses Mathematics and Writing courses plus LAP 130 should be taken during the first year
Second Year:
PSY 227 Behavioral Science Statistics
PSY 247 Research Methods I (students must complete PSY 227 with a grade of C or better before taking PSY 247)
PSY 303 Industrial Organizational Psychology
LAC Tier II Courses
Third Year:
PSY 327 Research Methods II (students must complete PSY 247 with a grade of C or better before taking PSY 327)
2 Specialized I/O courses (see catalog)
LAC Courses
Fourth Year:
PSY 409 Current Research in Psychology
PSY 419 History & Systems of Psychology
PSY 300-400 level courses from the Professional Courses (see catalog)
1 Specialized I/O courses (see catalog)

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