Child Psychology Course Sequence

Recommended Course Sequence: Psychology of Children and Youth Concentration

Check all course descriptions for prerequisites before planning course schedule

First Year:
PSY100General Psychology
PSY101Introduction to the Psychology Major
You will NOT be excused from this, even if you are a transfer student
PSY2XX200-level courses, especially "Developmental" Courses
MAT 135/139, ENG 100/100P, and FYI 100 MUST be taken during the first year
You should complete nearly all of your Tier I requirements this year
The department recommends BIO 202 to fulfill the Tier I Natural Sciences requirement
Second Year:
PSY205Principles of Learning
PSY227Behavioral Science Statistics (second semester)
The department requires completion of the Tier I Math course prior to enrollment
The department recommends MAT 216 (Tier II Applied Information Technology) prior to enrollment
PSY2XX/3XX200- or 300-level courses, especially "Developmental" and "Specialized" Courses
Tier I should be completed by the end of the first semester
Look for Tier II courses that also fulfill major requirements (PSY 206)
1 elective or minor course
Third Year:
PSY247Research Methods I (fulfills the university's Stage 2 writing requirement)
Students must complete PSY 227 with a grade of C or better before taking PSY 247)
PSY302Psychopathology of Childhood
PSY327Research Methods II (fulfills the university's Stage 3 writing requirement)
Students must complete PSY 247 with a grade of C or better before taking PSY 327)
PSY3XX/4XX300- or 400-level courses from "Specialized Courses"
LAC Tier II should be complete by the end of the second semester
electives or minor courses
Fourth Year:
PSY402Current Research in Child Psychology
(fulfills the university's Tier III requirement)
PSY419History & Systems of Psychology
PSY3XX/4XXcourses from "Biological" or "Specialized Courses"
electives or minor courses