Research Participation: Experimetrix

Sign up to participate in studies at http://experimetrix2.com/ECSU

Instructions for research participants:
Click here to download instructions in pdf format (requires free Adobe Reader)

If you have selected the experimental participation option (Option A) to receive your PSY 100 research credits, you will need to register online first.

Initial Registration:

  • Go to http://experimetrix.com/ECSU and click on the New User Registration link at the top of the page.
  • Complete the fields that ask for name, student ID, and email address, and then click on Register.
  • Shortly thereafter, you will receive an email with your login id and password.
  • After receiving your login info email, return to http://experimetrix.com/ECSU and click on Log In.
  • Enter your id and password and click on LogOn. This will bring you to your Profile Page.

Signing up for Experiments and Getting Credit:

On the profile page you need to do several things to ensure that you get the credits you’ve earned.

  • Click on Edit Your Profile and you can check your information. If you would like to change your password to something easier to remember, do it on this page.
  • Click on Edit Your Course Selection. Select your section of PSY 100 or 247 to ensure that your instructor receives your research credits.
  • Click on Sign Up For Experiments to view the available studies and pick the one(s) in which you would like to participate.
    • The Experiment List includes a description of the studies and any restrictions (e.g., males only, etc.).
    • When you see a description you like, SCROLL RIGHT ON THE PAGE to reveal the View Schedule button.
    • Click on View Schedule to reveal the times and locations for the study.
    • If the time of the experiment fits into your schedule, click on Sign Up.
    • You will need to re-enter your login and password to confirm the reservation.
    • You will be sent a confirmation email (if it’s at least 24 hours before the experiment).
  • Click on Show Past Participation to view your previous experiments or click on View Your Appointments to see your future experiments.
  • When the experimenter confirms that you did participate in the experiment, you can click on Assign Credits to Your Courses and assign your research credits to your class designation.

Please note that it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that the credits you have earned get assigned to the correct section of PSY 100 or 247.

After the research deadline, each instructor will have a report of research credit for their section and the 5% of your grade will be based on this.