Cognitive Neuroscience

Cognitive Neuroscience Program :
Interdisciplinary Individualized Major

Cognitive Neuroscience explores the relationship between the brain, cognitions (thought processes), emotions, and behaviors using a variety of methods. Some examples of the different disciplines and areas of research include but are NOT limited to:

Cognitive Neuroscience Major Information
Major Coordinator:
Margaret Letterman
Webb Hall Rm. 133
phone number(860) 465-4542
fax number(860) 465-4541
Prospective students can contact those faculty whose research interests best fit their areas of interest for more information
Core and recommended courses


  • Measuring cognitive abilities following neurosurgery
  • Developing methods designed to assess specific thinking abilities

Biology and Biochemistry

  • Relationship between genetics and cognition
  • The role of neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) in responding to the environment
  • Animal models of human cognition
  • Cell biology, genetics, and cognition

Mathematics and Computer Science

  • Artificial intelligence and robotics
  • Biomedical imaging such as fMRI and PET scanning
  • Mathematic models of cognition
  • Computer programs for cognitive testing