2017 Summer Research Institute

2017 SRI ParticipantsThe Department of Psychological Science’s 2017 Summer Research Institute was held May 18-24, 2017, led by Drs. Scisco and Dracobly, on factors influencing healthy eating.  Along with our student mentor, Yohan Krumov, Drs. Scisco and Dracobly introduced students to topics about healthy food choices, including variables that influence our short- and long-term decisions about foods to eat. The students also learned how to search and review peer-reviewed literature, develop a research question and design an empirical study to answer that question, and analyze their results using graphical and statistical analysis.

After conducting their independent studies, each student developed a poster and presented it to the group. Below is a list of the student projects.

Kelly Bielonko: The Effects of Health Consciousness and Familiarity with Direct to Consumer Advertising on Perceptions of Natural Dietary Supplements and Their Prescription Counterparts

Jordan Gardiner: Nutritional Knowledge and Self Perception of Health Corresponding with the Ability to Match Front of Package Images with the Equivalent Nutritional Facts

Sarah Henckel: Perceptions of Health Based on Traffic Light Color-Coding on Nutrition Labels

Allison Lundy: Subtle vs. Explicit Messages: Consumer Motivation and Consumer Food Choices

Blake Mamaclay: The Relationships Between Health Consciousness, Color Preference, and Perceived Healthiness

Mikayla Oken: The Effect of a Mindful Eating Exercise on the Enjoyment and Willingness to Eat Disliked Foods

Tess Parker: Effects of Familiarity on Food Preference and Beliefs About Food

Sydney Spencer: The Effect of Social Facilitation on Meal Duration and Food Intake

Michael Tuttle: The Impact of Label Type on Perceived Healthiness and Label Comprehension

Courtney Welch: Effects of Store Brand vs. National Brand on Visual & Taste Preference

Summer Institute 2016

The second annual Psychology Summer Research Institute was held from May 16-20, 2016. Ten students participated: Jesse Bober, Nicole Bosse, Abigail Caselli, Kayley Crooke, Nathan Edwards, Liz Hilton, Yohan Krumov, Alondra Padilla, Michael Pelletier, and Malvina Pietrzykowski.

These students were introduced to the topics of stress, psychophysiology and behavior analysis by instructors Dr. Diller and Dr. Escoto. Students were also assisted by Rachel Pilver who participated in the Institute last year. These areas of study were used to guide students in literature review, APA style, and statistical analysis as they created independent research projects on specific research questions of their choice. At the end of the seminar, each student presented an electronic poster and discussed their findings.

Despite small sample sizes, some research produced statistically significant results. See the results here. The Institute will continue next year with new faculty and topics. Stay tuned for more information!