Exit Exam for December 2017 Graduates

One of the requirements for graduation is taking the Psychology Exit Exam. If you are graduating in December 2017, and have not taken and passed this exam in the Spring 2017 semester, you will need to plan to attend one of the exit exam sessions. During this session, you will complete a national, standardized test with Psychology content. Students scoring below the 50th percentile (on national norms) will be required to complete a remedial exercise prior to commencement. Below are the dates for the exit exam this semester so that you can plan to attend one. Later in the semester, you will receive an email asking you to sign up for a session.

Exit Exam Dates
Monday 11/6 4:00pm
Thursday 11/9 7:00pm

Remedial Exercise Dates
Monday 11/27 4:00pm
Thursday 11/30 7:00pm

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Keyes.