Dr. Leo Schneiderman Founder of Psychology Endowed Scholarship

I am writing on behalf of the Psychology Department to let you know that we have recently established the Dr. Leo Schneiderman Founder of Psychology Endowed Scholarship. This scholarship will be awarded to psychology majors with financial need.

All graduating seniors and recent graduates (years 2007-2016) are eligible to participate in the High5 program. If you participate, you can request that your donations fund the Dr. Leo Schneiderman scholarship. You can sign up for the High5 program by contacting Ryan Rose at: rosery@easternct.edu

To read more about the High5 program visit:

If you donate to the High5, you will just need to type Leo Schneiderman Scholarship in the box that states “please specify fund(s) and/or scholarship(s) here” on the High5 donation form.

All alumni graduating before the year 2007 who are not eligible for the High5 program can still donate to the scholarship. Even small donations make a difference! If you’d like to donate to this scholarship, you can contact Joe McGann (860.465.4514) in the advancement office or you can donate online here:

If you choose the online option, check the button for “scholarships and other funds” and then write in “Dr. Leo Schneiderman Scholarship” in the box where it asks to specify which scholarship you want to fund.

To read more about the Dr. Leo Schneiderman Founder of Psychology Endowed Scholarship visit:

As a department, we hope that you will consider contributing to our scholarship to help future psychology majors. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at keyesme@easternct.edu.