Psychology Summer Courses

Stay on Track to Complete Your Degree with Summer Courses

The following courses are being offered in the summer:

PSY 247 Research Methods I (TR 8am-2pm) This is a required course and can be taken after PSY 227 Behavioral Science Statistics is passed with a minimum of a C and 9 credits in Psychology (excluding PSY 100 and PSY 101)
PSY 212 Lifespan Development meets the Developmental Course Requirement for the General and Industrial Organizational Concentration
PSY 303 Industrial Organizational can be used to meet the requirements of the General and Industrial Organizational Concentration or as an elective.
PSY 319 Human Sexuality can be used to meet the requirements for the General concentration or elective.
PSY 402 Current Research in Child Psychology is a required course in the General concentration and in the Child Concentration or as an elective.
PSY 418 Physiological Psychology can be used to meet the requirements of all of the concentrations or as an elective.
PSY 435 Controversies in Child Psychology can be used to the meet the requirements of the Child concentration or as an elective.  PSY 227 Statistics and PSY 247 Methods I must have been taken and passed with a C or better.

Enrollment must reach a total of 8 students or the course may be cancelled.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact the professor.  You can also contact the Financial Aid Office to see if adjustments can be made to allow for you to use funds for summer courses.

Assumption College Applied Behavior Analysis Information Session

On Tuesday, March 21st at 5:00 p.m., Assumption College is hosting an Information Session about their Applied Behavior Analysis Program.  The Information Session will take place in the Carriage House at Assumption College.  Program Director Karen Lionello-DeNolf, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LABA, who will discuss key benefits of the ABA program:

Comprehensive, multi-disciplinary program prepares students to work in a variety of fields
Coursework covers both typical and atypical development
Practicum classes provide supervised fieldwork experiences
Course sequence and practicum approved by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board
Programs meet coursework and experience requirements to apply for licensure as an Applied Behavior Analyst in Massachusetts
Pursue either an applied or research career path – coursework can be tailored to meet your goals
Graduates are well-prepared to apply to sit for the Board Certified Behavior Analyst exam

All attendees will receive an application fee waiver.