Eastern Students Smash Cars for Funds

•A smiling student wields a sledge hammer before smashing the car

• A smiling student wields a sledge hammer before smashing the car

Written by Casey Collins

A group of Eastern Connecticut State University students organized one of the most unique fundraising events the campus has ever sponsored on Nov. 30. The students – Alexandra Kallgren (Dudley, MA), Nick Terry (Southington), Brandon Baro (Bristol, RI), Devin Belinski and Jared Buckley (Oxford, MA) – were tasked with creating an event for the Leadership and Problem Solving class they take with Gregory Kane, professor of kinesiology and physical education. The result: for only $2, any participant could unload their end-of-semester stress on a defenseless car for 30 seconds.

car smashers group shotThe car, which was supplied by Chuck and Eddie’s Used Auto Parts in Southington, will not be hitting the road again anytime soon thanks to the turnout of Eastern students. More than 100 students showed up at the courtyard in front of the Fine Arts Instructional Center to give their all to the vehicle. At the end of the day, the event had raised more than $300.

car smasher with hatSenior Kyle Chung sat behind the barrier, watching as his friend decimated the side door of the car with the 20-pound sledgehammer. “I think this stands out as one of the coolest events I’ve seen on campus,” he said. “I’ve seen people wash cars for money, but this has to be the first time I’ve ever watched people destroy them for money.”