2013 Strategic Plan Implementation Update

2013 Strategic Plan Implementation Update

Eastern Connecticut State University’s 2013-18 Strategic Plan was endorsed by the University Senate on April 30, 2013. Implementation began immediately based on the performance measures and implementation matrix that were incorporated in the plan. Senior administrators were charged with initiating the action steps necessary to achieve the five overarching objectives in the plan. A sub-committee of COFE II meets four times each academic year to assess progress on implementation of those actions steps and the effects on the designated performance measures.

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Dashboard Indicators – November 2014

More details about the performance measures and the action steps are available in the following two documents at the Planning and Institutional Research Sharepoint site under Strategic Planning/Strategic Plan 2013-2018:

http://ecsu-wss:48844/ir/Shared Documents/Strategic Planning/Strategic Plan 2013-2018/Performance Measure Baselines 11-6-14.pdf

http://ecsu-wss:48844/ir/Shared Documents/Strategic Planning/Strategic Plan 2013-2018/Implementation Report 10-2014.docx

All faculty and staff with eastern user accounts have access to these files.