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Frequently Asked Questions

Southern Connecticut State University

Accelerated Career Entry (ACE) Program



What is the ACE program?

The ACE program is an accelerated BSN program for individuals with a BS/BA in any field from an accredited college or university who wish to enter the nursing profession.

How long is the program?

The nursing coursework is completed in 12 consecutive months.

Can I go part time?

No, the program is set up for full-time study only.

Are any of the classes or clinicals in the evenings or during the weekend?

Quite possibly some of the clinicals may be scheduled in the evening or on a weekend.

Can I work while I am attending the program?

Because of the rigorous demands of the coursework we strongly discourage students from being employed during the time.

How do I apply to the ACE program?

It is a 2 step process. First you apply to the university by completing the Undergraduate Application for Admission, Accelerated Career Entry (ACE) Program in Nursing application.  Once matriculated into the university you are eligible to apply to the ACE program through the Nursing Department.

How do I get the SCSU ACE Admissions Application?

There are several ways. Go to Southern's Admissions homepage and click on applications, then click on ACE-Accelerated Career Entry Nursing Applicants.  Download the application, complete it and return it to the address on the application with the appropriate fees.You can also access the ACE application on Southern's nursing website once a year (beginning November 1).  

Must I have a Bachelor's degree when I submit my application to Southern?


Before I apply to Southern could someone look over my transcripts and let me know what courses I need to take?

No, upon acceptance into the university you will receive a Credit Transfer Equivalency Worksheet which will indicate how your previous coursework transferred into SCSU.

How many credits can I transfer into SCSU?

Ninety credits is the maximum from a four year institution.  Admissions will determine which credits are the most appropriate for your program.

What will I need to submit to the University for Admission?

Official signed and sealed post-secondary transcripts must be submitted, even if it is for only one course.  Any applicant from a foreign country must submit and original transcript evaluation from WES.

Now that I have been accepted into Southern I am uncertain how to interpret the Credit Transfer Equivalency Worksheet? Do I still need to take some pre-requisites?

The left column of the worksheet indicates the course you are transferring in, the right column shows the SCSU equivalency.  You can also log on to Banner Web, select student services and financial aid. Select student records, then select Degree Evaluation. The degree evaluation shows your course transfers.

I think that some of my courses should have transferred and they did not. What should I do? 

Admission compares course descriptions with other institutions and the course may have not met our criteria.  If you disagree you have the option to go to the particular department and request a waiver (please be ready to submit catalog with course description, syllabus and a transcript). The course may not have transferred as a nursing prerequisite because you received a C- or less in that course. 

I still need to fulfill some prerequisites in order to apply to the ACE program; do I have to take them at SCSU? 

No you may take them at any accredited post secondary institution as long as it is SCSU's equivalent.  Below are the equivalencies at Connecticut Community Colleges:

SCSU                           CTCC

Bio 110                        Bio 211

Bio 111                        Bio 212

Bio 120                        Bio 235

Chem 120                  Che 121

Math 107                     Mat 110

Math 108                     Mat 142

Psy 100                       Psy 111

Psy 210                       Psy 122

You can also determine SCSU's equivalency by clicking here. This lists many colleges in CT.  Follow the prompts to determine equivalencies from Connecticut colleges.

I have been accepted into Southern and am ready to apply to the ACE program.  How do I begin this application process?

The ACE application is available online once a year (beginning November 1).  Download that application from the applications page on the Nursing website.  Follow the instructions carefully and return the completed application by the due date indicated on the application. All applications and supporting documents must be postmarked by the due date. ANY INCOMPLETE OR LATE applications will NOT be reviewed (this includes late recommendations).

What constitutes a completed ACE application?

A complete ACE application consists of the following:

  • Application
  • Essay
  • Self-Evaluation
  • Recommendations
  • Original transcripts from any and all post secondary institutions attended
  • Copy of Transfer Credit Equivalency Worksheet (received from Admissions upon acceptance)

Original transcripts were sent to Southern's Admissions office when I applied to the university, why can't you get it from them?

Privacy laws restrict sharing of transcripts.

Who should I ask to write my recommendations?

Whomever you wish, past or present employer, professor, someone who can attest to your motivation and character.  Please wait until the ACE application is available before obtaining your recommendations as there are specific questions and rating required.

Should I send all the applications pieces together?

Although that is helpful, it is not necessary.  The most important thing is that all pieces are postmarked by the deadline date.

What are my chances of gaining Admission into the program?

The program is very competitive.  For 2008 Southern reviewed 61 applications and accepted 24 students.  The average GPA was 3.34.

How and when will I be notified if I am accepted into the program?

You will be notified by mail by April 1st.

I was not accepted this year.  Can I apply again next year?


What is the cost of the program?

The tuition is based on our regular undergraduate per credit cost.  For further information concerning cost please contact Southern's Bursar's office.

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**Information about the ACE program can be found on SCSU's nursing website or by clicking here. Please check Southern's website for any updates/changes in the ACE program**