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Publishing Web Pages: Instructions for Eastern Students
Students can publish their own personal web pages at Eastern Connecticut State University.

Important Note: The following instructions do not address the publishing of web pages for student organizations. Student organizations wishing to publish web pages should contact the Student Activities for complete details. A list of student organizations is provided on the Student Activities web site.

Before you publish your personal web pages, please familiarize yourself with Eastern's Web Policy  The policy contains important information pertaining to personal web pages including required content. Student web pages are served by an Internet Information Server (IIS) running on one of Eastern's servers.

Important Note: Because anyone with a web browser will be able to read the files in your "web" subfolder, never save anything into it other than web pages, their associated graphics and other web files that you want served by the Internet Information Server.

How to publish your personal web pages

What is the "web" folder?
The "web" folder is an empty folder created automatically with your Eastern computer account.  It is located on your network Z: drive.  A special set of access permissions is automatically applied to your "web" folder allowing any files placed within it to be viewed by anyone, anywhere using a web browser.

Do not put any files into your "web" folder that you do not wish to be seen by others. Your "web" folder is meant to be used only to serve web pages you may create. It should not be used for any other purpose. Simply create your web pages in any html editor, like Dreamweaver or Contribute or even Microsoft Word, and save your work to the "web" folder on your Z: drive.

DO NOT drag and drop or copy/paste files into your "web" folder. You must perform a "Save as..." from with the application and save the file into your "web" folder. Failure to follow these instructions will cause improper file security to be applied to files placed into your "web" folder. This will result in users being prompted for a username and password when attempting to access your website.

Be sure to name your home page one of the following four names:
          .   index.htm
          .   index.html
          .   default.htm
          .   default.html

Publishing your web pages is as simple as creating and saving your web pages and any associated graphics to your "web" folder.

How to View Your Web Pages
You can view your home page using the following format in a web browser:
http://www2.easternct.edu/1st-letter/username/web/ Substitute the first letter of your username for the word "1st-letter".  Substitute your actual username for the word username. For example, if your username is fraziers, you would need to point your web browser to http://www.easternct.edu/f/fraziers/web

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because other people will be able to read the files in the web subfolder, do not save anything inside the "web" folder except pages that you want served by the Internet Information Server and seen by anyone on the Internet.

If you need assistance with publishing your web pages, please see any of the support staff in the Webb Hall 410 General Purpose Computer Lab.

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