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  Welcome to e-Print!

What’s new in student printing?

  • Students receive $15 of printing funds per semester. (100 page increase from last semester)
  • Students can print to any of the 10 public printers from their personal computer.
  • student can print to their residence hall printer from their personal computer.
  • Students add printers by location from a self-service menu that appears once you select the installation option below.

Benefits of e-Print:

  • Eastern continues to “Go Green,” saving the Earth one page at a time!
  • With the card swipe system, students reduce waste by selecting what is printed.
  • Students have the ability to print from an Eastern wireless connection.
  • Resident students can print from the wired connection within their room.

Instructions on adding printers to your personal computer:

Windows 7 and XP:
  • Click the Windows Installation link.
  • Click the printer(s) needed.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to install the package.
Mac 10.X:
  • Click the MAC Installation link.
  • When prompted, save the zip file to desktop.
  • From desktop open the zip file.
  • Open the PharosMac folder.
  • Run the Install package.
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