Philosophy Major Degree Requirements

Philosophy Major:

Degree Requirements

Required Courses:
PHI120Perspectives in Philosophy 3
PHI250Critical Thinking and Complex Reasoning3
PHI210Asian Philosophies3
PHI460Philosophical Research and Reflection3
Elective Courses (Choose 8):
PHI215Logical Inquiry3
PHI/PHR200Peace and Human Rights3
PHI230History of Early Western Philosophy3
PHI231History of Modern Western Philosophy3
PHI265Topics in Philosophy3
PHI310Philosophy and Psychology of Religion
PHI312Comparative Mysticisms3
PHI/PSC314Modern Social and Political Thought3
PHI/PSC316Ancient Political Thought3
PHI320American Philosophy
PHI330Existentialism and Phenomenology3
PHI340Philosophy of War3
PHI360Global Ethics
PHI365Topics in Philosophy3
PHI400Peace and Human Rights Seminar3
PHI420Philosophy of Science 3
PHI480Independent Study3