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Peace and Human Rights Minor:
Degree Requirements

The Peace and Human Rights Studies minor is a fifteen-hour interdisciplinary program compatible with any undergraduate major. The program draws on all disciplines which have peace and human rights components including anthropology, art, business, history, literature, philosophy, political science, sociology and woman's studies. Students are encouraged to think critically and to broadly explore issues of fundamental significance in today's world relating to peace and human rights.

The Peace and Human Rights minor consistes of a minimum of 15 credits.

A 400-level Independent Study, in a variety of disciplines, may substitute for PHI 400 only when approved by the Peace and human Rights Coordinator prior to enrolling in the course.

Required Courses:
Subject Course Title Credits
PHI 200 Peace & Human Rights 3
PHI 400 Peace & Human Rights Seminar 3
Total 6
Select from the following. Substitutions may be made only with the prior approval of the Coordinator.
ANT 358 Anthropology of Violence
ART 369 African American Art
BUS 466 Nonprofit Management
HIS 243 Churches and the Modern Civil Rights Movement
HIS 346 Central America
HIS 373 Mao's China
HIS 375 History of Japan
PHI 220 Ethics
PSC/WST 326 Politics of Gender, Race, Class and Ethnicity
SOC/WST 208 Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Lives
Total Credits


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