Geography Minor: Degree Requirements

Geography Minor:
Degree Requirements

The Geography Minor familiarizes students with both the global map and the spatial distributions of people and things, such as capital, technology, and disease across the globe. Because Geography combines spatial analysis with concepts from a number of other disciplines, a geography minor is an excellent complement to a range of majors, including history, economics, sociology, political science, communications and business administration. Geography is an excellent background for students who wish to develop careers in teaching, development, policy, or other service professions.

The Geography Minor requires students to take 15 credits of Geography courses. At least six of the 15 credits must be at the 300-level or above, and nine credits must be completed at Eastern. At least nine credits must be unique to the Geography minor and not shared with other majors or minors.

Students may choose among the following courses:
GEO100Introduction to Geography
GEO110Urban Geography
GEO210Geography of Canada
GEO218Regions of the World
GEO228Historical Geography of the United States
GEO307Gender, Justice, Environment
GEO331Geography of Food
GEO332Geographies of Tourism
GEO333Global Geopolitical Divisions
GEO337Economic Geopraphy
GEO365Special Topics
GEO480Independent Study
Total Credits