General Safety Information

General Safety Information

How to Text 911

For assistance, call 911 for emergencies.

If you are a victim of a crime, report it immediately. A delay in reporting will hinder any investigation. If you witness a crime or have information regarding a crime, report it immediately. Information received by this department is confidential. Click here to report anonymously on-line. Or call the anonymous hotline at (860) 465-0242.

All members of the University community have a responsibility to themselves and to others to use due care for their safety and to comply with all local, state, and University regulations. The University prohibits employees and students or their guests from possessing or storing a firearm on campus. University Police are the only persons who are authorized to carry firearms on campus.
For purposes of this policy, definitions contained in the Connecticut General Statutes pertaining to firearms will apply. These Statutes define “firearm” as follows:

  • “Firearm” means any sawed-off shotgun, machine gun, rifle, shotgun, pistol, revolver or other weapon, whether loaded or unloaded from which a shot may be discharged.

Employees or others who have a concern about personal safety are encouraged to contact the Director of Public Safety ( or the Office of Human Resources (

If you observe something to be a dangerous condition, report it promptly. You may be responsible for helping to prevent an injury. Remember–we must all be concerned with safety!


  • LOCK YOUR DOOR-even when you only plan to be away for a short time.
  • DO NOT loan, duplicate, or hide a key in your room or apartment. Report lost keys and FOBs to the University Police immediately.
  • DO NOT leave important or valuable personal belongings in plain view in your room or apartment. Be sure to keep these items locked in a secure location in your room or apartment.
  • If you live in a first floor room or apartment, do not leave items of value on the windowsill.
  • PARTICIPATE IN operation identification.
  • DO NOT prop doors open.
  • Contact the University Police should you have any questions or concerns. (phone numbers below)
  • Be careful what you post on your social network sites, especially personal information and details about your location.
  • Walk with a partner whenever you can.
  • Lock your car and keep valuables out of site.  Once in your car, LOCK IT!
  • Be aware of your surroundings.  Wearing earbuds, texting and other such activities can diminish your response to what is happening around you.  STAY ALERT!

If you observe or hear something or someone suspicious, call the University Police at 5-5310. Get the best description you can of people and motor vehicles. You may be responsible for helping to prevent a crime. NEVER ALLOW SOMEONE ACCESS TO A RESIDENCE HALL THAT YOU DO NOT KNOW.

In accordance with Connecticut State Law, statistics on campus crime are available upon request at the University Police Department or by clicking here.

All users of the campus parking facilities must register their vehicle with the Police Department and must display a valid parking permit. Further information regarding parking regulations and enforcement will be provided when you register your vehicle.

Please reference the Student Handbook for a complete list of University Regulations.


ECSU Police
(860) 465-5310Non-emergency, routine calls
5-5310On-campus number
(860) 465-0242Confidential hotline
5-0242On-campus number
Willimantic Police
(860) 465-3135Non-emergency, routine calls
ECSU Health Services
(860) 465-5263
ECSU Counseling Services
(860) 465-5204
Windham Community Memorial Hospital
(860) 465-6715
Northeastern CT Sexual Assault Crisis Services (CONN SACS)
888-999-5545Toll Free
(860) 465-2789Local
ECSU Office of Accessibility Services
(860) 465-5573
ECSU Women's Center
(860) 465-4313
ECSU Housing Office
(860) 465-5369
ECSU Campus Ministry
(860) 465-5113
ECSU Student Affairs
(860) 465-4412
ECSU Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator
(860) 465-5281