Crime Advisory

December 6, 2016 at approximately 9:05 p.m.

A female student was walking alone in the area of Webb Hall when an she saw an unidentified male come around the north corner of Webb Hall.  The male appeared to be jogging and ran directly toward the female student. The male attempted to spit at her twice, the second attempt hitting the side of her neck. The male uttered a racial slur as he continued to run past her toward the front of the Science building. The suspect was described as being an older looking white male; average build; approximately 5’7”; short, spiked, ginger red colored hair; baggy, droopy, bloodshot eyes; clean shaven.  He was wearing a red hoodie (no logo) and black sweat pants and sneakers.  He left the area running southbound toward the SRV complex. The female victim did not recognize the male as a student or someone she had seen on campus in the past.

September 15, 2016

Recently, a student contacted the University Police Department during the late evening hours to report a suspicious person on campus.  Officers were able to locate the individual who was not accused of any crimes, but had no business here on campus.  The individual was issued a trespass warning and escorted from University property.  We encourage everyone to report suspicious persons, activities or packages. While there was no indication that this person was a threat to the campus community, accurate information given by a fellow student allowed campus authorities to intervene immediately.  We depend on everyone’s cooperation to keep Eastern a safe community to learn and work.