The Office of Planning and Institutional Research generates a broad range of reports presenting information about the University.

These reports are stored in the Sections listed below.


Basic Freshman Retention Rate Table
Graph of Freshman Retention Rates 1998–2015
Retention and Graduation Rates by Ethnicity
Retention and Graduation Rates of Pell Grant and Subsidized Federal Loan Recipients 2002-2015

NEASC Reports

2015 Interim Report

College Portrait

College Portrait – Related Documents

NSSE Response Rates
Net Price Calculator

Sharepoint Document Repository (Internal Use Only)

Data and information on student, faculty and academic programs. They are available to all Eastern faculty and staff. Access from off-campus has to go through VPN.

IR Sharepoint Document Repository

Common Data Set

Data and information on applications, enrollments, retention, and graduation, degrees offered and awarded, financial aid, faculty, class sizes, and student life.

Students and Alumni

Current and historical data derived from student enrollments and activities as well as information about our graduates.

Surveys and Research

Information and comparison data used in the assessment, evaluation, and planning processes of the University. A broad range of survey results and analyses are presented in this section.